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Two Wheelers :


- a lot more loading capacity
- stays horizontal while riding and depending on accesoires it stays horizontal while separate from the bike

- possibility to mount a cool- or toolbox on the arm


Disadavantage :

- speed limit (differs per country...check before you go on a journey)
- sometimes a little more expensive to buy
- heavier construction

trailer koppelstuk

There are several types and brands of trailers worldwide. Some times people make them there own, and when good enough, they sell them. A nice example is the Karel van Vooren trailer, of which i had one my own.

Karel van Vooren aanhanger

I was a nice little trailer and most of it was polyester made, which made it quit light. A little disadvantage was/is that because it uses a torsion axle it needs a little weight in the trailer for preventing it bumping on the road while driving.

The trailer I have now is an aluminum made, so my guess is that it bounces a whole lot less than the other one I had.