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 Homemade Camper Trailer

 Homemade PopUpCamper Trailer

 Loading of the Trailers

Camper Trailers

Actually, camper trailers combine two wonderfull can take lugage with you can fold out your telt once arrived. De biggest suplier and for as far as I know the most well known in the Netherlands (maybe even in the BeNeLux) is Schuring .


This is how the Campmaster looks normally, but just in the higher lid, that's where the secret hides, that's where the telt is with all the necessary things to build it up, underneath it all there is the storage room voor lugage.

Campmaster uitgezet

This is how it looks unfolded, it gives space to two persons to sleep in the back.

There's also a large enough space tosit in the front when its raining.

From where the sleeping part is, you can easily acces the loading space by lifting a lid. It's easy, i can tell by experience.

When Schuring first started with the CampMaster i was one of the lucky first few to test it at the GoldWing treffen in as I can remember Roggel, Netherlands. It it was so much fun with it, just perfect!

Other Brands and types

In the USA where they have these kinds of Camper trailers a bit longer, they have several types ands brands there.

Some of them are :
GreenMountain trailer
GreenMountain Trailer.

Kompact trailer
Kompact Trailer.

TimeOut Trailer
TimeOut Trailer.

More manufacturers can be found at Trailer Manufacturers through the HOME knop