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Before loading a trailer it's very important to know that you know what you may load.
The main rule is that it's allowed to take the half of the weight of the towing motorcycle plus 40kg's.
For example, we take the weight of the GL1500, let's say it's 380 kg's, use the half of it, 190kg + 40kg is 230kg.
You might say that's a lot to take with you, true! But, it's also very important to mesure the tongue weight.

When we're talking about the tongue weight then we're talking about the place the tongue is situated, this one is mostly too far to the back, lawfully spoken.The closer it is to the bike the better it is for the stability and the weight you can put on the tongue.

The best thing to keep in mind is that you take 5 to 10% of the weight of the trailer to load. If we load the maximum (in this case 230kg) then the tongue weight should be 11.5kg at the minimum and only 23kg at the maximum.
Not enough tongue weight is certainly not recommendable 'cause the trailer may swing and do things you'd rather not have a trailer to do.Too much tongue weight is neither recommendable, 'cause the frontwheel will not have enough contact with the road and this will not be safe to ride.

Measuring the right tongue weight is quit easy, caravan stores have material to measure the right tongue weight, I use the one I bought for just a little 10,- and it helps me just great!!

Another issue is the use of a safety chain, whether to use it or not, keep in mind that when you're using one and for some other reason it slips off from the tongue you will pull the trailer NOT with the hitch and some bad things can happen.
If you ask me....I don't use one, I'd rather have a safe ride and survive than to save my trailer...You might want to use one if ridin' a heavier bike than some bikers tow with a 750cc machine or less.

The heavier the bike, the better you have it under control when somethings like that happen.

If you read this and want to share your experience with me, please mail me!

Be aware of the fact that each and every other trailer have other load capacaties of their own.
Also be aware that not all bikes are the same and they all react in their own specific some testriding first after you load your trailer.

Nothing is so irritating as unload and reload your trailer after a few kilometers of riding.

When you keep these things in mind, you'll love towing a trailer!Happy trailering!!