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My Freebird, 1wheel trailer

Always wanted one, just for the fun of it...and because it's my hobby

My best buddy sold it, and I was in front of the line to get it!

But then the hassle begins.....where to get such a hitch like that?
The expensive way could have been that i went to one of the two hitch builders i know, but that would be quite a challenge in logistics to be honest..
After a long search I ran up against someone who is a welder at the god-run-free zone....halleluja!!

Put on the shoes, asked him and went over there...

the pin, the actual hitch needed to be welded under a certain angle, and after a while, it was connected

first at a wrong angle, but that could be solved!

a bit later and it was connected right!

Now it was time to change / alter the cross torque (not sure if it's the right word)....

Luckely enough the actual cross torque is still good available, so i got me one.
A complete new one would cost over 400,- euro's, so that wasn't quite an option.

The powerconnection to the lower end of the hitch (yes, I've got two hitches now) allready there, was a simple job.
The powerconnection on the freebird has been totally renewed.

Hopefully when the wheather gets better, the first test ride will be a fact: