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Homemade Camper Trailer

This is not mine, I received these photo's with the permission to place them on my site.

I don't have the exact details, but i'll do my best to describe it.

With help of just a simple little car trailer (take care of the width of the trailer) ou can make an excellent home made camper trailer yourself. and leave enough space to take extra luggage with you.

Below yo'll see the result, but before that, a little work needs to be done.

First of all, you'll have to make a "plate" which is just big enough to slide into the trailer in a way that you can close the lid.
Which material you use, depends a little on your budget
but preferably use material which is water reppellent and thick enough to carry your body weight, but not to heavy. Rmeind yourself that is best to keep in mind that the total weight doesn't exceed half the weight of the motorcycle

A tunnel tent has been used, unfortunately i don't know the exact dimensions, but what i do know of this tent, that after it has been bought, it has been altered to fit the trailer, to fit over the lid for extra protection.

As you can see this tent uses a bow. To give this extra strength, it has been attached with an extra shaft / rod to the trailer. Which can be taken away and attach easily.

For the support of the valve on which you are lying, you can, in contrast to what is seen on top of the photo, take good, solid, foldable supports. Make sure that you take wide little plates for the feet to prevent sagging.

Also measure how long you are, in general a length of 2.00mtr to 2.10mtr is sufficient for a pleasant laying down after a long ride. You can use either a 2 piece matras, or a one piece, depending how thick you're goign to need or take the matras.

And if you're enjoying waht you're doing, you can always try and make a little marquise